Electro Cables promises to provide good quality CSA, UL and/or ETL listed electronic and electrical cables with reliable technical support and service.

Our number one goal is to be responsive to the requirements of our customers and to supply reasonably priced quality products on time.

We manufacture over 500 different types of standard wire and cable constructions. Some of these include the following:
Communication Cables: CM, CMG, CMR, CMP, CMX, and CMH
Station Z, Quad, LVT, Speaker Cables
Fire Alarm and Security Cables: FAS, FPL, FPLR, and FPLP
Coaxial cables: RG 59/U, RG 6/U and Siamese RG 59/U constructions
TR-64, TEW, MTW, Hook-up Wire
Control & Instrumentation cables: CIC, ACIC, ELCON and TECK 90.

Our Sales and Engineering department can provide technical expertise to DESIGN CUSTOM CABLES for specialized applications. Ask us if you require a special jacket colour or an odd packaging length with your logo and labels. We can do it!

Additionally, you can supply us with a cable that requires a custom armour and/or jacket of any colour. Some of our most common jobs are armouring and jacketing computer category cables (eg. Cat. 6) or various bundled constructions including fiber optic cables.

Electro Cables sells to wire and cable distributors worldwide. We manufacture cables 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have our own trucks that ship to Canada and the United States. We are currently an ISO 9001 registered company.




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